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S3 Browser (x86)
SPS by Gcelsi

Version: 11.7.5
Release: 2024-05-20
Category: Internet - FTP Clients
Size: 9297Kb
Not stealth: Settings and logs in C:\Users\(Your User Name)\AppData\Roaming\S3Browser
Publisher: Netsdk Software FZE
Web site:

S3 Browser is an application designed to be used in tandem with's web-based storage service, Simple Storage Service or S3. It also manages compatible S3 Storage services, such as Storj, Minio,, etc. This development software allows you to upload your files to the S3 service as easily as an FTP client. S3 Browser makes it easy to transfer large amounts of data to S3 sites. You can also use it as a BitTorrent client when you want to download files from remote locations. The application also allows you to manage your own S3 archives called Buckets, and even create a new one. Protects stored passwords with a master password. Manage S3 permissions. Read last update info at:


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