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Version: 1.1.25
Release: 2003-12-30
Category: Productivity - Data Extraction
Size: 408Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: Paul Thompson (chief1ic)
Web site:

Outport aims to be a generic program for exporting data from Outlook (Outlook + export = Outport. Original eh? :-) ) to various email/pim programs. It currently it can export to the Contact, Calendar and Task formats of Evolution, plus a number of generic formats supported by Outlook itself (Rich Text Format, HTML, vCalendar, vCard, iCalendar, etc). I've tested this with Outlook 2000 and most releases of Evolution 1.0.x and 1.2.x. I have not tested this with any other version of Outlook. I've received some reports of success with Outlook XP (and some bugs).


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