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SPS by seiferflo

Version: 3.84.1
Release: 2024-06-14
Category: Files - Managers
Size: 46705Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: Milos Paripovic
Web site:

Modern file manager for Win10/11. Features include tabs, dual-pane browsers, columns navigation, built-in preview, editable themes, color tags, and much more. Features : Fast (DirectX and custom rendering. Not an UWP app) Tabs (saved between sessions) Dual-pane browsing Miller-Columns navigation (improved over MacOS Finder) or Standard layout Dark and Light themes (user editable themes, icons, scripts) File Preview built-in (Press Spacebar). Additional support for QuickLook and Seer Long Unicode Path support (not limited to Windows' 260 characters in path) Organize Favorites into project groups Quick Filtering of current folder (type to filter) Picture Preview with Metadata and GPS photo location Adaptive view and dynamic columns, with file age, metadata, folder sizes Named windows (save tabs, layout and position) ToDo Tasks and Notes in any folder Paste text and images directly as files, or paste video links to download as mp4 File Automator with RegEx renaming and Image Converter


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