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SterJo Instagram Password Finder
SPS by SterJo Software

Version: 2.0
Release: 2021-10-16
Category: Security - Password Recovery
Size: 473Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: SterJo Software
Web site:

SterJo Instagram Password Finder is small and easy-to-use tool developed to recover the forgotten password of your Instagram account saved by web browsers. The application currently is able to retrieve login details stored by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave Browser, Epic Privacy Browser and Torch. The interface of the program is simple where the main window displays details about each account which could be copied to the clipboard.


This software is released as freeware for personal or commercial use, but it may not be sold or be included in a product or package which intends to receive benefits through the inclusion of this software. SterJo Software allows and encourages all web sites, magazines, on-line services, CD/DVD vendors, and end-users to freely distribute SterJo Instagram Password Finder. If you wish to distribute this software, you may obtain the most recent version from
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