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MuseScore (x64)
SPS by VVV_Easy_Symenu

Version: 3.5.2
Release: 2020-10-16
Category: Others - Specialized Editors
Size: 107868Kb
Not stealth: You can move an installed configuration from %APPDATA%\MuseScore, %LOCALAPPDATA%\MuseScore and %USERPROFILE%\Documents\MuseScore to the equivalent in the SPS App MuseScore folder "USERPROFILE_PORTABLE"
Publisher: MuseScore BVBA & others
Web site:

MuseScore is a free music notation and composition software.It allows for fast and easy note entry on a virtual note sheet. It has an integrated sequencer to allow for immediate playback of the score. MuseScore can import and export MusicXML and standard Midi files.

May be a possible issue: the process MuseScore3.exe remains active in the Task Manager even after the program closing. If you use a USB removable drive kill it to remove the USB.

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