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StaxRip (x64)
SPS by mrx

Version: 2.41.7
Release: 2024-07-07
Category: Video - Conversion
Size: 408532Kb
Dependency: CPU supporting at least AVX2;Windows 7 x64 or newer;.NET Framework 4.8;Visual C++ 2019 x64 >= v14.25.28508
Not stealth:
Publisher: StaxRip
Web site:

StaxRip is a versatile video encoding GUI for Windows. It executes and controls console apps like x265, NVEnc, mkvmerge, ffmpeg, etc. and uses the scripting based frameservers, AviSynth+ and VapourSynth, for video processing. It's important to understand: Everything StaxRip requires and everything it uses is x64. x86 plugins generally don't work. Windows 7 x64 is the minimum required Windows version. Features Support for a wide variety of formats and tools All popular and modern video encoders like x265 and NVEnc are supported Hardware encoding for AMD, Intel, and Nvidia Batch Processing Video editing using AviSynth+ and VapourSynth Direct control of the script and popular filters like QTGMC included Scriptable via PowerShell Minimal user interaction required Copy modes for audio and video for plain remuxing Cut/Trim feature, for MKV output no re-encoding is required High DPI scaling Dark Mode, Themes Portable, nothing has to be installed Parallel Job processing

If you get any kind of trouble with this SPS, or any other published by mrx: Please just contact me for support. I will help you to find a solution & maybe, by the way, you can help to increase the quality of SyMenu Suite & help other users.

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