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SPS by azhe403

Version: 2024.4.21
Release: 2024-04-21
Category: System - Network
Size: 27148Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: NETworkManager Contributors
Web site:

A powerful tool for managing networks and troubleshoot network problems! Analyze Networks Analyze your network and get detailed information about hosts with the numerous built-in features such as IP / port scanner, traceroute, DNS query and much more. Manage Systems Manage your network and server infrastructure via various protocols such as SSH, RDP, VNC, WinRM or AWS SSM with the integrated clients. Troubleshoot Problems Effectively analyze and resolve problems by combining numerous features in a single application. Profiles Management Save your hosts with specific configurations in profiles and use them across all features. Seperate them by environments and encrypt them to protect your sensitive data. Open Source NETworkManager is open source and available on GitHub! You can review the code at any time, build it yourself and even contribute to the project to improve it.


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