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SterJo Password Unmask
SPS by SterJo Software

Version: 1.2
Release: 2017-03-18
Category: Security - Password Recovery
Size: 554Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: SterJo Software
Web site:

SterJo Password Unmask could reveal/unmask most of password text boxes containing hidden characters known as asterisk ('*****') immediately. Many applications like CuteFTP, Microsoft Outlook, other e-mail clients or login forms would save and hide their passwords with hidden chars to prevent others from seeing them. Sometimes using different passwords for each account could be forgotten and there is no way to reveal them. Using utilities to manage passwords could be helpful but also expensive. SterJo Password Unmask is not a classic password manager, but it is a simple and free password revealer, which is quite handy in cases like this when you need to find password


This software is released as freeware for personal or commercial use, but it may not be sold or be included in a product or package which intends to receive benefits through the inclusion of this software. SterJo Software allows and encourages all web sites, magazines, on-line services, CD/DVD vendors, and end-users to freely distribute SterJo Password Unmask. If you wish to distribute this software, you may obtain the most recent version from
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