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Version: 2.1.2
Release: 2021-02-08
Category: Text - Notepads
Size: 61Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: Horst Schaeffer
Web site:

ShowTx is an auto-sizing plain text viewer that allows editing and saving the text. ShowTx is ideal for use in batch processes or as "Send To" application. Unicode. Special features: > Customizable through 3-level behaviour control: defaults in INI file, command parameters, user interface > Auto-adjusting window size depending on line size or word wrap mode > Alternative x/y window position and width/height through command parameters, or as last used > Open with text from clipboard (command option) > Menu, Statusbar can be hidden > Secondary font for quick toggle > Launch function allows passing the opened file to another program Standard Functions: > Standard editing functions including copy, insert, drag&drop > Search function, background color, font selection, on-top option > Prompt (save?) on text changes: closing after changes, switching to read-only, external file changes > Drag&drop file from Explorer into ShowTx window to open > The INI file is stored in the program directory. No Registry entries.


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