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yaP Launcher
SPS by SyMenu Suite

Release: 2019-01-30
Category: Productivity - Program Launchers
Size: 120Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: Roland Toth
Web site:

When launching yaP it reads settings from an ini file to what files/directories to copy and which registry keys to backup, etc. Then launches the main application and waits until it is closed. When that happens, yaP saves application settings to the portable directory and restores local backups. Highlights portablize applications by listing directories, files, registry keys and values in an ini file automatically run the 64bit version of the main application if available create, copy, move and delete files, directories, registry keys and values various checks: admin rights, multiple instance, OS version, .NET, Java and internet connection request admin mode if admin mode is required execute batch files import and export registry keys merge reg files read and write ini files replace strings or lines in text files set environment variables show custom messages run applications create symlinks (requires NTFS file system) register and unregister dll files environment variable and shell folder expansion path, date, text and language macros set file and directory attributes encrypt config items using yaPcrypt refresh system shell icons kill processes put text on clipboard clean "MuiCache" and "App Paths" values from registry on close small executable size and memory usage 100+ example configurations


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