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Portable Extension Warlock
SPS by SyMenu Suite

Release: 2017-11-03
Category: System - Installation/Configuration
Size: 300Kb
Dependency: .NET v4.0
Not stealth:
Publisher: Carroll Dearstone
Web site:

Build a launch file to launch files of certain types in certain applications skipping the system file associations. You should be able to use this as well on portable devices as long as the computer you intend to use it on has .NET 4.0 by using the DropZone that is included.


Freeware Portable Extension Warlock is freeware/donationware and is provided *AS-IS AT YOUR OWN RISK*. By downloading the software means you accept that Carroll Dearstone (the author) is not responsible for your (the user) use or misuse of Portable Extension Warlock.
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