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PopSel (x64)
SPS by SyMenu Suite

Version: 2.5.8
Release: 2021-02-07
Category: Productivity - Program Launchers
Size: 129Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: Horst Schaeffer
Web site:

PopSel offers simple pop-up menus to launch programs, documents, web links, Explorer windows, batch scripts etc.. PopSel loads fast, and does not remain in memory. Unicode support With PopSel you can reduce the number of icons on your Desktop, or make extensions to the Quick Launch Tray. You can offer a selection of program calls with different parameters etc.. PopSel can also be integrated into other programs, if they support launching an "external program". Any number of menus can be created through configuration files that are specified as PopSel command parameter (in shortcuts). Submenus (one level) are supported. Auto adopting drive letter on external devices (flash drives etc.). Special feature: Files can be listed in a submenu by search pattern, and launched with default or specified application.


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