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OK.Its.Raining.Men (x64)
SPS by mimic

Version: 1.77
Release: 2020-09-05
Category: Others - Pointless Fun
Size: 248Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: Nenad Hrg
Web site:

+++ Creates decorative raindrops on your desktop +++ This tiny, portable tool creates magical raindrops on the Windows desktop, offering different settings and adjustments for speed, intensity, size and length. Key features: ~~~~~~~~~ ◆ Optional raindrop transparency ◆ Optionally disable mouse drop ◆ Free selectable raindrops size ◆ Free selectable mouse drop size ◆ Customized speed ◆ Mouse drops are customizable For more information please have a look at the program's web site. ****************************************************************** Have a look at the publishers homepage to find more small helpful freeware tools for daily work purpose.

If you get any kind of trouble with this SPS, or any other published by mimic, please just contact me for support. I will help you to find a solution & maybe, by the way, you can help to increase the quality of SyMenu Suite & that way help other users.

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