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4ur-Windows-8-Mouse-Balls (x86)
SPS by SyMenu Suite

Version: 4.7.1
Release: 2024-03-28
Category: Others - Pointless Fun
Size: 56Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: SoftwareOK
Web site:

+++ 8 or more balls follow the mouse on desktop +++ It's a small fun program for all Windows-NT systems, that gives the mouse 8 virtual mouse balls hanging on a virtual elastic rubber band. By the way, even with poor eyesight, you can see the mouse faster and better. Key features: ~~~~~~~~~ ◆ Free choice of mouse balls speed ◆ Different mouse ball textures ◆ 3-16 Mouse balls ◆ Optional transparency More information at the program's web site. ****************************************************************** Have a look at the publishers homepage to find more small helpful freeware tools for daily work purpose.


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