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SPS by mimic

Version: 2.7.15
Release: 2022-03-17
Category: Productivity - Desktop Notes
Size: 192554Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: Laurent22 (Open Source Project at
Web site:

+++ Open source note organizer with synchronisation +++ Joplin is a multi-platform note taking and to-do application with plenty of features and an active development. Notes can be written either in Markdown, or in the WYSIWYG editor and are stored locally. You can sync them across devices or services like Dropbox with optional end-to-end encryption. Joplin is also able to import your data from online services like Evernote. Further more web clipper browser-addons for Firefox and Chromium based browsers are also published by the project, making it possible to easily store whole web sites as attatchments. These are just some examples of Joplins features and there is much more to discover. Just have a look at the official web site for more information. Or have a look at one of the following articles:


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