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OpenCloseDriveEject (x86)
SPS by SyMenu Suite

Version: 3.2.4
Release: 2024-03-07
Category: Productivity - Miscellaneous
Size: 303Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: SoftwareOK
Web site:

+++ Open, close, reject or remove drives safely +++ A small and effective program when it comes to open/close DVD-, CD- and Blue-Ray drives, or to safely eject usb, ssd and other external devices. Key features: ~~~~~~~~~ ◆ DVD, CD, Blue-Ray open and close ◆ Safely remove USB, SD, ... drives ◆ Can be used as a passive program (details on web site) ◆ Explore Volume, based on Drive ◆ Optional hot keys for the To-Tray menu and program ◆ Direct opening of the drives (Explorer) ◆ Open Close Drive and Eject via Notification Area ◆ Quick access to essential drive and system functions Furthermore well-documented on programs web site. ****************************************************************** Have a look at the publishers homepage to find more small helpful freeware tools for daily work purpose.


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