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SPS by seiferflo

Version: 2024.6.7
Release: 2024-06-07
Category: System - Installation/Configuration
Size: 860Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: builtbybel (github@builtbybel)
Web site:

Windows 10&11 has a gazillion toggles and settings options. And general users don’t know where to find most of these features, what to make of them, and which setting to enable or disable. Winpilot (former Bloatynosy) streamlines and houses all the essential settings under one app and allows you to disable and remove unnecessary features. The latest release of Winpilot introduces a significant milestone with its hybrid web app foundation. This update not only empowers users with the capability to remove AI features in Windows but also emphasizes the app's intelligent approach, driven by a novel hybrid and web-based core. Here are the individual plugins briefly explained: CoTweaker: It enhances Windows privacy settings and optimizes system and gaming configurations. Decrapify: It removes unwanted apps and also handles advanced debloating. WingetUI: It offers some essential base apps for download. Additionally, I recommend checking out the excellent full version of WingetUI by marticliment. Copilotless: It searches for AI/Copilot features in Windows and allows you to remove them. Please follow the instructions provided. ClippySupreme: This is the assistant you'll consistently see in the app, monitoring various areas of the system. It can also provide simple tips. Just keep clicking on the plugin to access them

Winpilot (former Bloatynosy)

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