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Back4Sure (x86)
SPS by Luis Neves

Version: 3.7.8
Release: 2022-06-05
Category: Files - Backup/Restore
Size: 3802Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: Ulrich Krebs
Web site:

Back4Sure is a feature-rich backup solution for typical backup use. The program can make a backup to hard-disk, USB drive or network and can also be compressed using high or low compression settings to a ZIP or 7-zip file of various compression levels, as well as encrypted for security. Other features include filters to backup or exclude specific file types, a cleanup mode to remove old archives, and creation of one or multiple zip files (separated by directory structure). Backups are saved by directory structure either inside the archive or inside the directory for easy restoring. Users can also use multiple settings profiles, or "job" files.


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