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PointerStick (x64)
SPS by SyMenu Suite

Version: 6.3.7
Release: 2024-03-18
Category: Productivity - Desktop Accessories
Size: 740Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: SoftwareOK
Web site:

+++ A virtual pointer stick for your desktop +++ The use of the virtual pointer stick is ideal for projectors (Beamer) and larger LED/LCD screens to highlight the current mouse position. For example it is very useful for Microsoft Office Powerpoint presentation. Key features: ~~~~~~~~~ ◆ Adjustable size of the Mouse Pointer Stick ◆ Several Pointing-Stick textures (bitmaps) ◆ Optional alpha transparency for the mouse pointer ◆ Optional deactivation by mouse or keyboard input ◆ hide system mouse pointer feature (based on ... AutoHideMouseCursor) Please have a look at the program's web site to read more. ****************************************************************** Have a look at the publishers homepage to find more small helpful freeware tools for daily work purpose.


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