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Version: 3.2.902.24361
Release: 2014-09-02
Category: Productivity
Size: 844Kb
Dependency: .Net 2.0
Not stealth:
Publisher: Blumind
Web site:

Blumind is a lightweight and powerful mind mapping tool.

The DOS command window which opens before Blumind starts is necessary to run Blumind in portable mode 'out of the box'. It can be closed after the Blumind main window has opened. For the more adventurous, this behaviour can be altered via Configuration in the SyMenu Tools menu. 1. Click on Blumind in the left column 2. Replace Portable.bat with Blumind.exe at the end of the text in the Path textbox 3. Under Additional Params, insert -p in in the Program arguments textbox #. IMPORTANT: the -p tells Blumind to run in portable mode. Without it Blumind will put data on the host computer 4. Click the Save button App Icon To get the correct app icon, click the button at the right of the Icon Path textbox, and navigate to the Blumind.exe file.

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