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RouteConverter OpenSource Ed
SPS by VVV_Easy_Symenu

Version: 2.32.345
Release: 2023-12-17
Category: Others - Mapping
Size: 56648Kb
Dependency: JAVA 17
Not stealth: %HOMEPATH%\.routeconverter
Publisher: Christian Pesch
Web site:

RouteConverter is a free, user friendly GPS tool to display, edit, enrich and convert routes, tracks and waypoints. It helps me to plan routes and consolidate tracks, and I hope it could help you. RouteConverter Offline Edition exists for users that like Offline/OSM/mapsforge/BRouter/GraphHopper.

Ancient "Offline Ed" is now "OpenSource Ed". This version is required to display a map after the first installation or when removing the map metadata.

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