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FileVoyager Full
SPS by FileVoyager

Release: 2020-01-20
Category: Files - Managers
Size: 30200Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: FileVoyager
Web site:

FileVoyager is a freeware Orthodox file manager (OFM) for Microsoft Windows. OFM’s are file managers using two panels of disks browsers. This dual pane layout makes very easy the transfer operations of files or folders between sources and destinations. FileVoyager contains a large collection of tools and functionality.

Release 20.1.20 ---------------- + New: Language: Added Italian (Translation by Roberto Scassellati) + New: Language: Added Slovenian (Translation by Jadran Rudec) ~ Chg: Language: German translation updated (by Andras Ohlmann) ~ Chg: Language: Spanish translation updated (by Calebs) ~ Chg: Language: Russian translation updated (by Bonvivant) - Fix: Diff: In TextDiff, an issue was randomly flagging lines as "modified" - Fix: Viewer: The syntax highlighting was failing to load files with some unicode characters in the path - Fix: Viewer: The map displayed for images with GPS Coordinates stopped working after Google change the access permissions to the API. FV uses now the API. - Fix: Language: Some labels were not multilangual - Fix: Navigation: Files/Folders dropped on FileVoyager from another application were handled as if they were virtual items (transitting by the Temp folder first)

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