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Version: 9.58.0
Release: 2024-02-03
Category: Security - Malware Detection
Size: 1139Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: Marc Ochsenmeier
Web site:

PeStudio is a unique tool that performs the static analysis of 32-bit and 64-bit Windows executable. Malicious executable attempts to hide its malicious intents and to evade detection. In doing so, it generally presents anomalies and suspicious patterns. The goal of PeStudio is to detect these anomalies, provide indicators and score the executable being analyzed. Since the executable file being analyzed is never started, you can inspect any unknown or malicious executable with no risk.


PeStudio is free for private non-commercial use only. For commercial use of PeStudio, please contact the author, to obtain more details about the License models and prices. The application presented here may not be used for illegal purpose. Any decompilation and/or reverse-engineering of this application and its components is forbidden.
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