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Version: 5.0.2843.0
Release: 2017-10-14
Category: Desktop Search
Size: 4615Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: Bopsoft
Web site:

Listary is an enhancement that allows you to quickly search almost any listing in Windows by simply typing your search terms. The program will pop up a small, semi-transparent window in Explorer windows (including open/save dialogs), Task Manager, Registry Editor, and even directly on your desktop. The program works with almost any application with a system-generated list. Although some programs will automatically jump to the first letter you type (a find-as-you-type feature of Windows Explorer), you must type quickly for more than one letter and cannot see your output. Listary brings a long-time feature of Linux to Windows, letting you enter whole words, and type slower with automatic changes. Additionally, it allows wildcards and has the ability to edit your input with immediate results. Advanced features include hotkeys, autocomplete, blacklists, favorites, a customizable window. Note that the program contains many "pro"-only features, but the program is very functional in its basic version.

Launch listary.exe and take the tour. Native 64 bit support. Pro version with additional features available.

Free for personal use
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