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17 days ago
Posts: 1062
And here we are.
The new year takes a new SyMenu version.

It's a big release with a lot of new features and I hope you can appreciate it.

This is the full list of the new features:
  • The search patterns for the SPS Manager are now fully customizable. You can edit the default ones, add your recurring search, even delete the default templates if they annoys you
  • The SPS Manager search tool has a new search instruction (:auto). It searches for every SPS program with a flagged built-in updater option
  • Every program, folder and command item can be optionally started with a maximized or minimized window. This feature doesn't work for every program, especially for those one that use a launcher (every PAF for example). It's not a problem on the SyMenu side, but it's the program launcher that doesn't communicate the desired window size down to the main program
  • The user entries tooltip now has a more flexible duration setting. The duration can be set from 1 sec. to 30 sec. If you set it to any value greater than 30 sec. or directly to 0 sec. the duration becomes infinite. This setting is available directly on the configuration file
  • There is a new action modifier to open the programs' documentation files. The documentation file is searched at run-time following certain naming rules
  • The massive import function shows the folders in gray because the folders are not imported
  • During the same working session the options form remembers the last opened tab
  • The combobox is drawn with an homogeneous style
  • Fix in the translation labels of the proxy form
  • Fix in configuration form for the right hand side flow panels placement
  • Fix in path editing: the double quotes are automatically removed because they are not allowed in paths

  • Breaking change: When the working dir of an item was a relative path, the SyMenu resolution was wrong.
    The old resolution rule was based on the SyMenu root folder instead of the program root folder as asserted by the documentation.
    This version solves the bug so if you have some items configured with a relative working dir, please re-check your configuration.

As usual I'm here for bugs, issues, questions and whatever.

Have a great 2022!


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