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Posts: 5

When I'm using the menu Search and i type something to search, then in the list of found items, if have to move the mouse right to the side of that menu and then down to the app i want.
If i move the mouse on a diagonal, the menu disappears because the other menu below the Search is activated.

So, in my opinion it should have some time before activating other menus...
Like 300 milliseconds before any menu/sub-menu is shown.

I think this could prevent other menus from being immediately activated and the Search menu disappearing.

I don't know if I'm explaining well the behavior.
I'm sending some photos.

Maybe someone else is have the same problem, but this is very annoying because the menu search is very useful, but not practical because is always disappearing or i have to be very careful in moving the mouse or if i pass through another menu it disappears immediately.

This should be fixed to help working faster using the search menu.

Note: Hope this can help in the development of Symenu.


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