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Posts: 16

Posts: 16
App management is currently a nightmare. It's extremely slow and doesn't really help in the most frequent action which is updating the apps.

First of all, all definitions should be downloaded only once, when the app manager is open. There's no need to re-download them every time I do some action in the manager. Currently the definitions are re-downloaded every time I switch the suite, change filtering, perform a search, or apply the changes. Usually this means multiple download during each update session, each taking several seconds.

I should be able to switch suite tabs, filtering, or search almost immediately, as any modern application does, without additional annoying waiting.

I still don't understand how exactly update slider works. It seems that I need to do the same actions no matter how the slider is set, i.e. manually filter Updated apps for each suite and install them. The same for new apps. We definitely need a simplified update mode, which shows updated apps for all suites and allows to update them via a single click. Actually I would like to have this option for all updated and new apps.

There's no easy way to permanently exclude 32-bit (or 64-bit for that matter). Searching doesn't do much good because there's not option for apps not containing e.g. (x86). Even if it was, different suites use different standard - e.g. not marking 32-bit versions at all in case of having the versions available. Also there is another way of marking 32-bit apps used: x32. The definition should contain a setting informing the manager that there's 64-bit version of the app available and 32-bit shouldn't be visible at all. Currently I simply keep both version because that is easier, but this is just unnecessary clutter.

All those things make the whole experience bad. Can be something done to improve it?

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