NirSoft SPS Suite

NirSoft agreed to offer its really useful suite along with SyMenu.

The NirSoft suite is a valuable collection of tools that is a must have for every sysadmin. Now, instead of downloading the NirSoft suite and manually configuring it into SyMenu, you can get every single program thanks to the SPS Manager that automatically download, link and manage the program inside SyMenu.

I would like to thank Nir Sofer for authorizing me to create this fantastic suite.

Whatch out! NirSoft suite doesn't contain any virus or spyware or whatever. Some programs are hacking tools and it is possible that your antivirus software or even your browser refuses to download the suite. Download it with confidence because it is safe
Have a look here too for a more extensive explanation:
400 free programs available... and growing!
Every single program shown here is available for free
directly from SyMenu so download SyMenu and get them all!

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WinCrashReport x64
SPS by SyMenu for Nirsoft

Version: 1.25
Release: 2016-07-31
Category: Utilities
Size: 202Kb
Not stealth:
Publisher: NirSoft Freeware
Web site:

WinCrashReport provides an alternative to the built-in crash reporting program of Windows. When application crashes in your system and Windows displays the internal crash window of the operating system, you can run WinCrashReport, and get extensive report about the crashed application. The crash report includes the following information:Crash memory address, Exception code, Exception description, Strings found in the stack, call stack, and more.


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