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The SPS Builder doesn't have a manual yet but in this page you can find a lot of frequently asked question to understand better how it works.
The SPS Builder is the tool to create the SPS files. When an SPS for a certain program exists, the program can be added to the SyMenu program suite. In fact the SyMenu program suite it simply a collection of SPS.
See http://www.ugmfree.it/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=282 for further information on SPS.
Besides if you want to go deep with the SPS Builder topic, you can read this interesting thread too on the PortableFreeware.com forum

BTW if you've reached this page probably you are really interested in the SPS technology so why don't you contact me directly?
I'm searching for someone that craves to help the project and likes all this SPS thing... well who can't like it... it's simply terrific :-)
And don't worry if you have no program to add, you can start with already created SPS files from my collection, relieving me from this task. The less SPS I have to maintain, the more features I can implement in SyMenu.
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updated on 2022-05-21
SPS Builder FAQ
All those fields? Have I fill every single field?
If you prefer you can fill only the mandatory fields. They are the asterix (*) marked ones.
What is the difference between Publisher and SPS Publisher?
The Publisher is the portable program author while the SPS Publisher is the SPS file author.
Which are the program categories available?
Category isn't a closed group, but try to adapt the category you think is the best for the program to one already available.
How can I fill the Description and License fields?
Fill it with the original texts from the program publisher web site.
If the description or the license are very long texts, fell free to fill the corresponding SPS fields with a link to the web page where they are published. The resulting SPS will be lighter and faster to download for the users.
What is Packer Format?
Read the exhaustive built-in guide available in the SPS Builder and then ask it again :-)
You speak about relative path in various fields (Main Exe Names, First Install Create Files, Update No Copy Files...). What is a relative path?
It's a path starting from the main program folder excluding itself.
For example I have a program located in D:\PortableProgram\FooProgram which executable file is D:\PortableProgram\FooProgram\FooExecutable.exe.
The exe relative path is simply FooExecutable.exe.
The relative path for another file located in D:\PortableProgram\FooProgram\bin\FooExecutable2.exe is bin\FooExecutable2.exe
How I can fill the Main Exe Names field?
This is one of the most important field.
You have to fill it with the logical name and physical relative path of the program main exe.
The logical name will be the name the user will find in his SyMenu contextual menu. For this reason the logical name should be explicative and not ambiguous because the user will recognize the program only from this element. My suggestion is to use the original program name as a logical name.
If the program has more than one exe, you have to specify all of them and make them unambiguous.
For example if a program called Disk Wipe has two executable (diskwipe.exe and diskwipe64.exe) you have to link both and their logical names must be something similar to that ones: Disk Wipe (x86) and Disk Wipe (x64).
Are fields Stealth and Dependency really important?
Not at all. They give the user further information about the program portability.
What is Built in updater?
SPS is thought to help the user to maintain all his programs updated and for this reason it tracks the last installed version. If the program itself has an auto update feature, SPS could mislead the real version of an installed program and propose the user to update it even if the program is already OK. To avoid this scenario you can check the Built in updater checkbox to force SyMenu to not propose the update through SPS Manager and leaving the program built in autoupdate feature to work safely. You should check this checkbox only for programs with a really pervasive, solid and full working auto update feature and not for programs that only suggest to download the newer version or have the auto update feature disabled by default.
What is Download Url?
The Download url represents the url from which the program will be downloaded by SyMenu. If the download from the author web site is possible, use that. Otherwise you can use a download url from any repository web site where the program is available. Avoid web sites that allows downloading with captha code or through a redirect or with a temporary url because it will be impossible to automatically download anything from there and your SPS will be useless.
Can I link the Download Url to a program I placed in my Dropbox?
The download Url should be the one from the author Web site but, sometimes, this ideal scenario becomes impossible due to download restrictions. The Dropbox solution is good if the program is not too big, otherwise you risk to have your account suspended due to the limit to the maximum amount of traffic. See this link from Dropbox web site to learn more about the traffic limits.
Moreover remember that the program license does not prohibit the download from third parts cloud service.
Can I create my custom package of a program and link it to the SPS?
If you think that your custom package is more suitable, maybe your version is portable as opposed to the original one, the reply is surely yes. Pay attention not to infringe the license terms!
What is SPS Program report?
It's a web page or an email address where you are reachable by the users. A user could report a problem in you SPS, for example the download url has become unavailable from the last time you checked, or could report to you that a new version of the program you take care of has been released.
How can I add the Program Icon?
Press the button Add Icon and search for the portable program main executable. The SPS Builder will extract the icon for you.
What is Test SPS box useful for?
When you finish your SPS documentation you can test your work with the tools included in this box. You have to select a download folder, a temporary one is good enough for that, where SPS Builder can freely work and press "Test SPS online" button. SPS Builder will try to download the portable program from the url you specify, then it tries to unpack it inside the working folder. At this point it checks if the Main executable you specify is available at the right path. If everything works your SPS is ready for publication. For biggest download you can use the "Test SPS offline" button and the SPS Builder will ask you where the downloaded package is, but for the first time please use the online testing to verify if the download url is automatically accessible.
How to achieve a full program installation with SPS Builder?
SPS Builder is not a tool to install programs through SPS files but it is a simple tool to create and test your SPS files. SPS Builder only checks a few elements of your SPS: if the download url really works and if the main exe files are correctly mapped after the unpacking process. If you want to test a full installation you can use an SPS installer such as SyMenu. So the right question becames:
How to achieve a full program installation with SyMenu?
It's a very easy procedure:
  • create or modify your SPS file and save it;
  • copy the file into the SyMenu subfolder [...]\ProgramFiles\SPSSuite\[Your custom suite name]\_Cache folder ;
  • open the SPS Manager from inside SyMenu. You'll see the new program in your custom suite tab and you can test its installation entirely.
Do I have to edit the old SPS file everytime an updated is realesed or any automatic process exist?
The update of a program inside SyMenu is driven from its SPS. If a new version is released you have to change the old SPS to reflect the new version number and often the new download url. Naturally if you think that the new version is not so important you can ignore it and leave the old SPS active. For all the applications that have a reliable and strong built-in updater, you have to check the "Built in updater" flag in the SPS Builder so the user won't be notified anymore of a new version from the SyMenu SPS manager.
What do I do after I produce an SPS file?
Submit it through SPS Builder. The entire SyMenu community will be grateful to you.
Why can't I submit the SPS file through SPS Builder?
To submit anything you need an account from the SyMenu forum.
How often do I have to check for new program versions?
At least once a week. Anyway the ideal frequency is twice a week even if the top editors check their collection daily!
Do I have to check any single SPS download page manually?
This was true once, but now, thank to our great member VVV_Easy_Symenu, we have a new SyMenu plugin built to accomplish this precise task.
Go to this page http://www.ugmfree.it/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=450 to download the plugin and to read the documentation.
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